Klipper install and configure

I looked at the klipper docs but they seem to old, and they do not cover what I am looking for. I have done the klipper install vi the UI. Repetier seems to have built the klipper files and i have updated the config for the address of the board (this board is already set up for klipper). The system fails to connect to the board. I can see the Repiter server is connected to the klipper instance, but that is it. Also I do not see any servervice that was created in the /etc/systemd/system directory. I have the whole system installed on Ubuntu 20.04. Are there updated instructions? Or some sort of trouble shooting guide?



  • I did have this baord and config working on a non-repetier 
     instance of klipper.
  • Since you had it working I assume you have the klipper firmware stub installed on the printer.
    The next typical problem is that you need to copy your klipper config in server so it uses correct pin. Watch especially for the serial port name - it might have a different path on this. Also make sure no "old" klipper install is already using that serial. As soon as klipper config and firmware stub are correct klipper should connect to printer on next restart (see buttons on config klipper page).
  • Yes that is what I did. The trick was I had to power cycle the board once. It is all connected now. I am fixing the config now so things move the right direction (board is on a new printer). Thanks for the help.
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