G32 S2 Crashing in the rightmost part of the printer

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Hello, could you please explain me how to set the P1,P2,P3 points in autobed leveling ? It's working fine untill it reaches the last 4 point which crash the extruder in the right part of the printer, even if i could not replicate it using manual control.
My bed is 22x22 and almost no space left on the right part of the printer... My home position is X -35 on the left part of the bed.

Ps : repetier fw 1.0.5


  • The points must match exactly as in this image from config tool:


    P1 is left fron edge, p2 and p3 are right fron and left far end. If not they span not a rectangluar and you gat what you describe. These 3 point define a parallelogram not a rectangle! And only that condition and that p2.y is p1.y and p3.x is p1.x make it a rectangle as you expect it.
  • Got it ! So i have to calculate P1,P2,P3 keeping in mind that those points have to be reached by the probe.. so keeping 1~2cm away from the borders is a good practice? Right ?
  • Yes should be reachable with active z-probe of course. One reason why it is separate from printer size.
  • null
    Edited the P points as you said and i absolutely love it !!! Perfect bed leveling !!!!
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