Older Versions

Hello fellows,

do you know where i can get older versions of the firmware ?

I'm looking for 92.3 version but github merges versions and i can get it.

Thanks in advance !


  • You need to select the commit in work092 tree. Unfortunately I often forget to tag commits with new version numbers, so it is not that obvious except that repetier.h has the version line changed.
  • Fortunately, i haven't succeeded to find it.

    Any hints ?

    Could someone send me a link ?
  • Why not using latest version. Has more bug fixes and is easy to find.
  • I need to compare v92.3(with modifications) to v92.3 and i don't have any clean version of it.
  • Ok, as I said check on github select branch work092 and the go to commits where you see all our updates sorted by date. Find the one where repetier.h has the change of version name to 0.92.3. There are some more commits with same version number. Then you can download that version as zip on the right side. 
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