Migrating Repetier Server to another Raspberry pi

Hello, I have repetier server set up on an old raspberry pi. Ive recently got a new pi 4 which has a lot more power.

I dont want to loose all my settings and configs etc from my current install. Is there a way I can migrate repetier server to my new raspberry pi?

I've heard I cant just insert the old SD card since the PI 4 architecture is slightly different.


  • It really depends on the image you are using. Old linux versions did not support pi 4, but if the image is new enough it would work. You can just try and boot with sd card. If it does all is ok and you don't need to do anything.

    Otherwise you need to copy contents of /var/lib/Repetier-Server to new image. Easiest way is to use  Repetier-Server Monitor to make a backup of old sd card and restore on new sd card. Backup/Restore is the only function also working for free versions so ignore any license required messages if you use free version. If you use pro version deactivate license before overwriting sd card.
  • I have the pro version so thanks for the heads up ill give that a shot.
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