Repetier server sur 2 imprimante


Je possède 2 imprimante 3d
Je possède 2 Raspberry pi 3
Elle sont dans 2 pièce différentes

Je voudrais savoir si c'était possible de gérer les deux imprimante sur la même interface web 
(voir les fichier gcode pouvoir les imprimer ect..).
S'il vous plais j'aurai besoin d'aide et de conseil.



I have 2 3d printers
I have 2 Raspberry pi 3
They are in 2 different rooms

I would like to know if it was possible to manage both printers on the same web interface 
(see the gcode files, print them, etc.).
Please, I need help and advice.



  • Hello, you can manage all printers on both servers combined with the program Repetier-Server Monitor.
    For more information, see:
  • D'accord, je l'utilise deja celui si mais comment avoir les même base de donner pour les GCODE ?
  • In Printer Configuration->General deselect "Use own model directory" for the second and select first printer for directory, Than both have the same gcode. Only works if both are on the same pi or it is not possible.

    If you need it across different printers you can only store it in projects instead which can be made accessible for other instances as well. Not as comfortable, but possible. You can even start a print form a project directly - just no preview and timing infos.
  • j'ai deux imprimante différente et deux raspberry pi avec repetier server dessus
    je voudrais que les deux on les même fichier gcode 
  • As said only possible with projects and every pi should have the other pi set as aslternative server, but only for projects, not for cpu intensice computations. Then you can see the projects on both if both are online.
  • Daccord mais je comprend pas  comment cela fonctionne 

  • You can share your gcodes by using the projects functionality, if you connecting your servers to eachother (Check Settings -> Connectivity -> Alternative Server).
  • D’accord mais comment les connecter en semble ?
    Il sont pas à coter il sont brancher en wifi
  • Cleck the add button and then enter the IP, Port and API Key of the other server
  • D'accord merci
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