davinci 2.0 second extruder

I flashed my davinci 2.0 to repetier and installed repetier host, I cannot access my second extruder. I seem to be missing whatever commands are needed to get repetier host to print with the second extruder. Currently extruder 1 is on the left which repetier host likes and extruder 2 is on the right. I am still trying to figure out how to reverse them.


  • Does host printer configuration have 2 extruders? If you use cureengine you must use extruder 1 and can add extruder 2. Use PrusaSlicer if you e.g. want only extruder 2. It is the better slicer anyway:-)
  • prusaslicer doesn't work with windows xp. No, I am not upgrading my OS
  • No Problem, just remember to use extruder 1 in any case or use a extruder neutral start script and select extruder before print.
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