Add Filament removal to dashboard

we change filaments quite often. And it is a pain. With the filament removal function in the server it has become better, but there are still two minor downsides.
1. Still many clicks to be done
2. Function does not work in the background

Would be great to have a button to initialize unloading of the filament which then runs in the background so that you can still use the server. The button would make great sense right next to the options button of each printer in the dashbaoard.

Not sure if this is needed for many people, but for us it would be a huge upgrade.

Many thanks


  • Filament change is quite different for different printers. That is why the filament change routine also allows to add  extra gcode to be run on insert/remove - that way it can be optimized.

    You can also write own scripts that are optimized. These are then reachable in console dropdown or in control console dropdown for fast access.
  • The build in solution works fine for our printers, just had to change the retraction distance. So maybe it is not just filament exchange in dashboard, but a general "system" to put easyly accessible functions in there that can be customized. But this of course would be a bigger change.

    Can self written scripts run in the background? Having 14 printers, unloading filament one by one would not bee too practical. If I can start them all at once it would be very nice.
  • Depends on what you mean with run in background. Scripts get send and interface keeps useable so you can directly switch to next printer. Also especially with filament change manual action is normally required-
  • Yes, userface staying usable is what I meant. Thanks!
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