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we got 14 printers at the moment and more to come and want to work with the Repetier Server to have a better workflow. The printers will be connected to 2 RP4, so each handles 7 printers. We store our data as projects, thus it is great to be able to create projects in the Server as well, however I struggle with the concept of how you implemented projects. I expected to use the auto upload feature to upload a project as it is. E.g. I got "Project A" and put it in a general Projects folder within the Upload directory. So on the server the project will be automatically created with its gcodes. But I did not find any way to do this. Also I couldn't find any way to directly access projects from the Server Monitor. Am I just overseeing something?

What we want to do:
Be able to start any gcode from any project easily on any printer all the time.

I found out about all printers sharing one printers directory, but then I still cannot access the projects or create projects by putting files into the upload folder.

Thanks for any advice


  • Monitor has currently no support for projects. gcodes were not meant to be handled by projects when we started them. They were meant to store the stl/3mf files and extra infos. So currently you need to open the printer gui (can also be done from monitor) and use the project functions there.

    Projects in monitor will come later.
  • Alright, looking forward to that feature. So there is also no possibility right now to use the auto upload with projects, right?
    Is there any alternate way to achieve this? I mean until then we could maybe ZIP the project and import it on the server. Is there a quicker way than using the WEB GUI, the API for example?
  • Yes, no auto uploader for this for same reason. Also not sure if we will get upload folders. For them to work we would make a folder for each project just to watch them. Could get quite a lot especially since they can be nested in subfolders. And we can not distinguish a folder created from a project created on filesystem since that would be a directory as well. But maybe I get an idea until then.

    Uploading zip to gui is fast solution for multiple gcodes at once. API is also possible but you need an app that implements it. Or use the same curl trick we used in our simplify solution, but that would always upload to same project.
  • We will try the zip method then. My idea was a general "projects" folder within the upload directory. You then paste a folder in there with the project name containing all gcodes.
    Server Monitor: /upload_dir/projects/project_name/gcode_files...
    Or seperated by servers:

    On upload the project folder gets deleted from the upload dir. If project already exists, upload to existing project. If gcode file within project exists, update file.
    I think this would be a huge benefit for everyone with a larger amount of printers who works project based (as I imagine most printer farms do).

    I don't wanna put anything into your mouth, just share my ideas :D
    Thanks for your effort
  • Technically it is not possible that way. I think for this we need to make 2 constraints:
    1. Only projects of matching server or we have copies all over
    2. All Projects must have a directory also empty for import.
    3. New directories become ALWAYS projects. Creating directories for structure will only work in web interface.

    That way it should work once we add projects to monitor.
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