Replacing Raspberry Pi

Hi I am a student and our project required a raspberry pi. Our year is almost over and the previous Raspberry Pi was stolen but we have purchased a new one how do we recover our information on the new device?


  • If you talk about  Repetier-Server all data is stored in /var/lib/Repetier-Server and can be backuped e.g. with  Repetier-Server Monitor. You can also just copy the complete sd card as iso image if you like to safe it with all other modifications.
  • We did not have the server backed up to Repetier-Server Monitor and we no longer have the SD card as it was in the Pi when it came up missing. Is there any way our information was saved retained somewhere else?

    If not, what would be the next steps to setting up a new server on the same computer? Would I need to redownload Repetier Server to my computer? I only ask this question because I have a new Pi that I have tried to set up since and when I go to http://repetier-server.local/ ; it says "this site cannot be reached" even though I have both the Pi and computer connected to the internet and the image downloaded to the SD card.
  • Ok if you have no backup there is nothing to recover from. We have no data from users, so you need to set up pi again with our image. The link is http://repetierserver.local/ or http://ipaddress but that only works if you are connected with ethernet. For wifi you have to set up wifi correctly first as described on the pi image page.
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