Touch Screen Problem

I have Repetier installer on the raspberry sd it starts but the touch screen function does not work.


  • I have installed Respetier on the sd. It starts, I get a screen to activate the service, but when I try to access the options, the touch screen function does not work for me.
  • I assume you mean  Repetier-Server not  Repetier-Host where you posted. What is the problem with the touch screen? Note that some touch screens need calibration or special settings to work correctly. You can for first analysis set HIDE_MOUSE=0 in /boot/repetier-image-setup.txt so you see what linux thinks where you touched. You then can also use a mouse.
  • El problema que tengo es que tras instalar Repetier-Server . se inicia la Raspberry   se ve la imagen , pero la función tactil de la pantalla no me funciona . he probado con una pantalla  de 7 pulgadas   Nvidia Jetson Nano   , que es con la que no me funciona la función tactil . y luego he probado con una de  3.5  lcd  y esta no se ve la imagen . 
  • Depending on your touch solution you need to also connect usb to pi to get the touch interface working. Some even need to configure calibration first, please check the screen manual for this. Normally this is done with xinput_calibrator.

    I'm a bit confudes about you mentioning nvidea jetson nano. So on which device are you working? Our image only works with raspberry pi. Other devices need to be set up manually.
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