Klipper Firmware integration

Hi everyone,
I wanted to ask you if it was possible to insert the possibility to perform Klipper firmware updates directly from the repetier server web interface as other systems such as https://github.com/cadriel/fluidd or MainsailOS do now.
it would also be very useful to modify the firmware parameters in the printer.cfg file directly from repetier server.
I hope you can add these things in the next versions of repetier server to keep it up to date with the new firmware. Thanks so much.

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    I agree!
    Furthermore there is no possibility to edit the printer.cfg inside Repetier Server, a request already made by me for some time, thing possible with MainsailOS and Octoprint (open source, so free frontend).
  • This requires the possibility to modify files in the os with enlarged privileges to succeed (config is normally not owned by repetier). For a general solution you must be able to define the files but a hacker could also set it to any other file - lets say passwords - and modify it. So to allow this I have to make the installation very insecure or I have to limit it to something that can only be configured in the os like with extcommands.xml - so no one from outside can use it to hack the computer. But it needs to be assigned to a printer which is a xml config file you can down and upload.

    For updating you could make a script called by extcommands.xml that executes the update. Just for editing I'm not sure how to solve. Maybe making some extra xml to edit some scripts and run commands on safe. Then also other files could be edited. But that still leaves the permission problem open.
  • I agree that this could create a danger to the files inside the device, but it is only about permissions on a single file that is in the user's folder, not to the entire file system.
    The problem remains that only Repetier Server cannot do it, and it is the only paid product of those mentioned above.
    This should make him more powerful than the others.
    My two cents...
  • I'm currently thinking about a script that can list/read/write ascii/utf-8 files for server config. Then it could be outsourced to that script that would execute what ever needed on write. That way also other config files could be made available if users add it to that script. But in the end the server is responsible for printer communication and handling print tasks. It is no os replacement that runs and configures all other existing software. But I think that would be a good intermediate solution allowing it to extend. With that we can  make also things like webcams or networks more configurable if someone wishes to do so.
  • any update on a better Klipper integration ?
  • No editor to edit files we have no permission for if you mean that.
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