When using Repetier for Slicing I am having a unique problem, it prints beautifully and consistently until it is printing little pillars and it has to move back and forth from pier to pier at which time it quits printing the PLA. I have tried all types of setting and nothing seems to help. The piers are typically less then a 1/4" and it is just printing the piers when it happens. I have had this happen on several different prints. Has anyone had this problem and if so how did you fix it. I am running the 4.8.1 Repetier.


  • Sorry I am running 2.1.6 Repetier
  • Please describe quit printing in more detail. What does the log say? Are you still connected? Or did you getting communication problems? It is not really important what you print such problems just happen with bad luck, Sometimes it is just windows going into power save mode disabling serials (you can forbide this) or some other problem.
  • Every thing is still running like normal only the plastic is not coming out of the nozzle. I works like there is not a problem and will finish the printing project but the plastic is either real sparce on not at all. 
  • Sounds like the extruder is starting to block, so has nothing to do with host it self. When this only happens with multiple small items it is either a problem that you have a retract issue, e.g. retracts works but undo looses some steps causing the first x mm to have less material and when you start catching up next retract comes. It can also be a cooling problem. When heat creeps up you need more force which you might not have. With big object you have more extrusion per time so more cooling from new material. In this case you need to reduce printing temperature. Many printers have for this a heat break and a cooler for the upper part. But when hot filament walks up past that it gets hard and can start blocking.

    So sounds a bit like one of these problems. So try without or with lower retraction and a bit lower temperature (5°C maybe) and see if it still happens. If it works you can start finding out which of these is causing the problem.
  • Thanks I will try and see if this fixes the problem 
  • might also be that extruder is grinding the filament . eventually too high printing speed or too many retractions at short distance.
    what extruder and which hotend do you have and of coarse what material do you print?
  • Thanks for all the help, the problem was the Retraction setting, I downloaded a retraction test from Thingiverse and it was definitely set too high. It is printing great now.
  • i want more details
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