Temperature in Repetier Host different from the internal temperature of the nozzle

I am checking the internal temperature of the nozzle by means of a multimeter with a thermal probe.
I found a misalignment of the temperature set in the Repetier Host and that detected inside the nozzle.
How can I adjust these values to have a situation more similar to the real one?

I tried to enable option:
#define TEMP_GAIN 1
Enabling this value has disabled the heated bed.

For an e3d v6 hotend, has someone created the NTC 100K B 3950 thermisotre table to have the
temperature values close to the real ones?



  • NTC 100K B 3950 is only a generic curve. The real sensor will most likely have a different curve - the real vendors normally have a datasheet where you see resistance/temperature curves. This is what the other types do - defining the exact curve. The more you move away from 25°C the more the difference will be.

    You can either configure firmware with user defined curve that you have full control or just as you tried
    #define TEMP_GAIN 1

    but then repopulate eeprom or at least fix wrong values in eeprom to get the desired result. Result is not 100% but you can at least modify it so that around print temperatures the result is more or less correct.
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