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Everything is fine now, the motors are running well and I have the right distances.
My problem now is the extruder. When I try to see if the extruder motor is running fine and if I have the correct number of steps, everything is good!

So when I thought it's time to print my first part, there I found myself with a new problem. Printing begins, but without filament because the extruder motor is blocked, it tries to run but without result!

Any help please!

I cleaned everything, I tightened the screw and I changed the filament but without result.

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  • Make sure in debug flags to ave not dry run mode on. Then extruder will not heat and extrude.

    If you hear extruder loosing steps it is a blocking of the extruder. If some filament comes out your temperature is just too low for the full flow. Not all extruders have the temperature they claim to have  so check what temperature you need with your filament. 

    An other problem is when extruder is too hot or hot for too long without proper cooling the filament can creep up into colder zone and start blocking the extruder.
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