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Hello, I just bought Ender 3X. I connected it to PC and in Repetier-host program, successfully. I can control entire 3D printer. Unfortunately when I was trying to see temperature graph it happened to be frozen. Every time I disconnected and connected again (in program) to the 3D printer, graph update but only once (still frozen but with some values). I can't figure it out how to get it work properly and see live data.


  • Several current ender products have a firmware bug reporting the temperature in a wrong format (they repeat everything so T:23.3 gets TT::23.323.3). Only our repetier-server beta 0.94.4 for linux (you need to change the url in download) would be able to fix the wrong format. Everything works fine with printer just we don't understand temperatures so they are not shown/updated. Next versions will contain a detection for it and convert it in the regular temperature string.
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    Thank You very much, I will rather wait for next version on Windows. For now, I made a script with sequence of "M105" (checking temperature) and "G4 P100" (wait 100ms) commands repeated many times to update the temperature values. It worked for me. Anyway, it is good to know that it is not because my 3D printer is broken. Once again, Thank You very much and have a nice day :smiley:.

  • I wonder that this works. Could it be that you just have disabled temperature query with M105 in printer settings? Otherwise I do not understand why that reports a temperature for you.
  • Well, I don't know how it works but in log I can see something like status updates...? So I think there is some communication there. I had this issue since my first launch of this app, so I don't think it's because this command. I never changed that setting in my 3D printer earlier (and I'm sure i didn't use M105 command earlier, I found it in internet only because I was searching for solution to tis problem), and I wonder if the printer have it at all. I didn't change software in it so it's Ender 3 original software. So even if it might have that setting, most probably it's hidden for me by original software.
  • Maybe it matters if you use autoreport feature for temperature or M105. M105 does it correctly and autoreport creates the double temperatures. In that case with M105 you should still see the double temperature lines which are ignored plus temperature responses from M105 (normally filtered if not disabled in printer settings).
  • Maybe that is the case. I didn't know how to enable/disable autoreport, but I managed to fix this issue by installing Marlin 2.0 on my Ender 3. Everything works fine now. Thank You for your time and help. 
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