3D Preview not rendering?


Not sure if i'm missing some settings. Normaly i use cura engine to slice but i needed cura slicer for some prints (tree support) I sliced the objects in cura slicer, saved them and imported them in server.  When server is done rendering i get this preview and the warning the object won't fit my printer. Printing goes wel but i would like to see the preview.
This is not only happening with Cura slicer, i do have it sometimes with the build in slicers.


  • Are you already in latest version 0.94.3? I have recently added some extra checks to solve this. Happens when the guessed layer height is high or the guessed extrusion amount is very high. So if you extruder at z=20 sever assumes 20mm layer height making such fat blob. But as said I thought it was fixed. But if you are on latest server version please provide the gcode. It is normally in the start gcode the rest would render correctly.

    Regarding out of printer area you then have moves outside of it. Especially with cura it is often the end gcode. It goes some G28 there and assumes you are then in absolute motion move,which is not true for all firmwares. So you need to add a explicit absolute positioning gcode afterwards. At least when it is the same gcode I have already seen several times.
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