Blank page in firefox

I am relatively new and only know the old and current version but when I upgraded one of my 3 installs it started to load the blank page in firefox. I had to reinstall everything since I didn't realize that the problem was only with that browser.

The problem has happened again, but this time with the windows version.

The page loads, in fact, if I turn off the server the announcement that the connection has been lost appears and as soon as the server returns the warning goes away and the page returns blank. If I enter from Microsoft Edge everything works fine.


  • What firefox version are you using? When I run it it is working as expected.

    The warnings you see are from map files used for debugging to map reduced size to original positions. They are not really relevant, but also should not trigger the warning. I tested it and mine does not trigger it, but it seems the content type is missing. Are you receiving them through a proxy software that might change them? Virus software could do that for example, also I would not really like if they modify the content in any way.
  • Ok found why content type was missing. Will fix that for next release hoping it will help, but not having a map is no issue since it is intended to have no map and maps only get loaded in debugger mode.
  • When starting firefox in incognito mode the site loads fine. I discovered that the cause was a referral plugin for shopping stores called "Megabonus".
    Warning signs on the console keep appearing but the page works.
    Problem solved for me.

    This is the culprit. Probably because attempts to inject advertising.

  • Megabonus seems to be a pain. Last week I had a client with same problem in chrome with same plugin.

    Now I have also installed the plugin to see what the problem is. Problem is that it adds a div which inherits css that makes it 100% height so you won't see the content. I have modified our css to explicitly name the div we want it for so the added content doe snot destroy it.

    Not sure it is for advertising - I guess it is required to grab all website content and track every click you do. Look into their privacy terms for EU and you see what they track.
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