Cant get distortion correction to work.

I can do bed leveling and that works fine but when I go to do distortion correction it goes down to 10mm then stops and gives an error of “cannot activate z-probe would cause unreachable xy coordinate of 5.0000345, 5.000. “. Or something like that. I have the same probing points for distortion correction as I do for bed leveling.


  • Try to go to bed center and activate then G33 maybe that makes a difference. Should if area is same. Order differs and as you said it happens on first point so maybe activation coordinates were just bad for activation.
  • Also check the distortion positions specified in configuration.h.
    Are the min and max positions really reachable ba the print head.
    If the sensor ist 30mm to the right of the hotend and the min probing position is 10, the hotend must be able to reach -20.
  • I have the same coordinates for bed leveling as I do distortion correction and bed leveling works just fine.

    I will try starting at center of bed before probing and see if that helps.
  • Starting the positioning from center of bed worked. Thank you
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