Z-Offset - Sensor - Repetier Host - Not LCD Screen


I have a Tronxy X5SA and the motherboard died. I am trying to quickly solve the problem by replacing the original motherboard with a MKS GEN V1.4

I do not have LCD Screen but I will manage to use it with the Repetier Host, and the PC. 

I was able to solve all the configuration, except for the Z-axis Calibration. 

I have this sensor for the Z-Axis on mi 3d printer. 

Before trying to use the BED LEVELING or anything else. I just wnt to calibrate my z-offset of my z-axis. 
But It is impossible for me. 

I understand that I must set the "Offset Z EXT0_Z_OFFSET" with the distance that I have between my Noozle and my Bed when the sensor senses the bed. ¿Ok? So I must make a Z-Home and after that decrease the Z-level until i can put a A4 sheet between my noozle and my bed. And that is the distance for my "Offset Z".

But I am trying to do that, and IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to go to negative values of my Z-axis on my Repetier Host.  

I need help.
Can someone help me? 

Thanks in advance. 


  • No, EXT0_Z_OFFSET is 0 and the reference height. The trigger height of z probe is adjusted with z probe height. You do this in eeprom normally so you do not always upload again, also reuploading does not change values anyway. It will use values from first upload normally.
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