Micro delta rework head going where it shouldn't

Hi, I'm Atoide, I've been making stuffs on Blender for quite a long time and I'm discovering 3D printing with pleasure. I'm actually trying to print a handle i've made with Blender. 
I use the sd-card on a Micro Delta Rework, the machine works well (managed to print small animals already).
With this handle, the head starts going down very slowly to the bed, stops near it, and then, suddenly ... crashes on a edge.
I can see the wrong line in the gcode but don't know how to fix it.
Can you help me please to fix this out ?
How can I show you the gcode and other files made by blender ?
Thank you very much


  • Since you know the offending gcode line just copy and paste it here. Files can be added only as download link. Use public dropbox link or one of the file exchange services on internet for this.
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