Firmware Update EEPROM questions

After studying the upgrade process, I have managed to compile the latest version of Repetier firmware and I am ready to upload it to my Melzi board and give it a try. Before I uploaded, I took a look at the Arduino build directory and saw Repetier.ino.eep, which I assume is the eeprom file. However, the only thing in that file is


I get the same Repetier.ino.eep file if EEPROM_MODE is set to 1 or 2. Is this correct? I would have expected an eeprom file with all of the default values.

Also, being paranoid, I made a backup of what is on the AVR using the following:

avrdude -pm1284p -c usbasp -P usb -U eeprom:r:P802Eeeprom.hex:i
avrdude -pm1284p -c usbasp -P usb -U flash:r:P802Eflash.hex:i

Is that sufficient to be able to restore in the event of any issues?


  • Firmware uses mode and checksum to detect if eeprom is good, if not it is initialized with values from configuration.h - you never use eeprom upload anyway.

    EEPROM backup should be 4KB or more depending on how much the processor has. Flash back nearly 128kb (minus bootloader I guess). If that matches I guess backup was ok. Never used it so not familiar with the commands required.
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