are there any plans to support the re-arm controller?


  • Not for a while as it uses LPC1768 processor. Once V2 is more advanced I will see if we can extend to other processor types. But I can not say when and if it will work. Also depends on dependent libraries supporting the processor type.
  • oki doke, i have just grown tired of marlin, only one person doing the work, but that is normally good

    in marlins case not so much as that person is to much a control freak 
  • If you are a programmer, you can write the HAL if you like. Would be glad if someone does it. But then please for V2 version. I think with PlatformIO it should get easier to add new hardware. But are there Arduino Boards using this processor? Otherwise I'd have to replace all Arduino functions - also that might be good in the long run.
  • re-arm is board not a processor :-D

    I'm not a programmer, but could a HAL from Marlin firmware be of any use?
  • Checking it they have:

    # NXP LPC176x ARM Cortex-M3
    framework         = arduino
    board             = nxp_lpc1768
    build_flags       = -DTARGET_LPC1768 -DU8G_HAL_LINKS -IMarlin/src/HAL/HAL_LPC1768/include -IMarlin/src/HAL/HAL_LPC1768/u8g ${common.build_flags}
    # debug options for backtrace
    #  -funwind-tables
    #  -mpoke-function-name
    lib_ldf_mode      = off
    lib_compat_mode   = strict
    extra_scripts     = Marlin/src/HAL/HAL_LPC1768/
    src_filter        = ${common.default_src_filter} +<src/HAL/HAL_LPC1768>
    monitor_speed     = 250000
    lib_deps          = Servo

    in platformio.ini so there seems to be a support available for that processor with arduino framework, which makes it much easier of course. The Due is also a Cortex-M3 so I guess the differences in programming are marginal. I wonder what the difference to LP1769 is as that is what smoothieboard uses and I own that board at least. Don't have a re-arm.

    Anyhow, also hal will not be identical to marlin it might help finding out how some problems need to be solved. But I need to investigate more - don't know the marlin sources good enough at the moment.

  • still hoping that this will be added at some point,

    marlin still come up with major boo-boo faults and their issue list contains far more errors that there should be

    and i just maintain the issue list, ie format titles and close issues if stale or solved

    its so frustrating that i consider to switch if i could
  • At some point yes. You can of course speed up the process by providing a hal for it from your side. Just spend 2 weeks optimizing HAL for STM32F4 used by RUMBA32 now working well. Next will be AVR then I come to smoothieboards which use the LPC I think.
  • if i could code then yes, 

    i remember something about smoothieware on the re-arm so i think you are correct
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