Bed leveling issue

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I recently started experiencing a strange behavior initially with G33 command and now with G32. I am running z-probing with optical touch sensor. Z_PROBE_REPETITIONS are set to 2 and BED_LEVELING_GRID_SIZE is 5. By some reason at random measurement points movements become faster than normal, bed does not move high enough to trigger the z probe and sometimes triggers it just once. 

This is custom built z-probe that I have been using for over a year with no issues. This video shows what I am talking about:

Expected behavior is at measurement points 1,2,4,7,8,9,10,16,17,21,22,23,24.
The problem can be observed at points 3,4,6,11,12,13,14,15,18,19,20 and 25.

Mainboard is Ultratronics Pro v1.0. Firmware version is the latest 1.x Dev.

I just wonder if anyone has experienced something similar and hoping to get any suggestions of how to fix this.



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    Looks like Z-probe's optical sensor was misbehaving when exposed to the heat coming from the heatbed. After replacing the sensor everything works fine with both G32 and G33. I will update this topic if the problem reoccurs.
  • Thanks, this information is helpful. It helped me to solve issues with G33.

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