PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 MMU Rendering Issue

PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 introduces a great new function for MMU prints called "No Sparse Layers". It only adds to the purge tower on layers with an actual extruder change, meaning the purge tower is shorter than the object being printed. It does this by moving the extruder up and down when switching between printing the purge tower and the object. This seems to play havoc with the renderer.  The actual gcode prints fine.

Without "No Sparse Layers":

With "No Sparse Layers" selected:




  • That is bad news. Layer height is z difference between last extrusion z and next extrusion z. With that trick this solution is not valid any more, but there is no gcode telling layer height. Will check the feature and see if there are some hints in comments that we can use to determine layer height overriding the default computation. From the image that is exactly what is happening.
  • Thanks for the attention.  This is one of my favorite features.
  • Also it is a bit dangerous for big objects I see why you like it. I always thought of the prime tower as a big waste in most cases and that helps reducing it to the minimum.
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