DryRun Mode

It would be correct that Repetier Server could do it, without the help of Repetier Host.
In Octoprint there is a plugin, but obviously on Repetier Server this mode is not contemplated.



  • Dryrun is just sending M111 S8
    add extra debug option to 8 if you like.
    Maybe I can add a debug symbol to set the debug flags, also interpretation might differ with firmware connected.
  • I'm sorry, i use Klipper firmware and M111 is missing!


  • Did not know that the plugin filters and modifies the send gcodes. That is often calling for trouble since not all firmwares use same syntax. So I hope they will add the debug m code in a upcoming release.
    Currently we have no filter instance to implement this.
  • edited December 2019
    Yes, that plugin doesn't just give an M111 S8, but it filters the gcode, it's fantastic, it eliminates extrusion, temperatures and fans, but not filter the board fan... it's awesome, all in realtime!
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