Can't turn extruder heater on with heater icon on Manual Control tab.

Can't turn extruder heater on with heater icon on Manual Control tab. All other icons works. For example bed heater is working as it works earlier. I can't connect occur of this problem with another event. Last time i use my printer it works well. The most strange thing that if i press Print from the Print Preview tab printer starts to heat bed and then it heat extruder and it works. I can turn extruder heater with gcode as well.
When i press extruder heater icon it prints ok but icon still crossed with red line.
I updated Repetier host few weeks earlier, but it works well.
I use 2.1.6 version and Sprinter firmware and i have never this problem earlier.


  • Does the temperature report format of sprinter have changed? Is that firmware still in development? Thought it was abadonned. 
    The icon changes based on send commands and temperature responses. So if it is hot and shows it off the response of firmware to M105 is in an unknown format. Can you show that here what firmware sends when being hot. In printer settings you need to disable removing M105 responses/commands and enable ack to see them.
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    This firmware is not develop anymore. I have changed some pins in this firmware and add changes that printer manufacturer made. After that AFAIR all works fine. One month ago i have a problem with ADC converter on thermistor port of my printer, i changed arduino and add some changes with printer.
    I diff'ed sources that gave me printer manufacturer and original Sprinter, and there is no changes that can cause this problem.
    So i turned back original firmware (i have hex file of it) and nothing changed.
    I think that problem is in the new version of repetier host. I don't update it for 1 or maybe 2 years and updated it after issue with arduin adc converter.

  • If i press bed heater it sends M140 S80*85 if i press again it sends M140 S0*100
    If i press heater button it sends M104 T0 S0*38 if i press again it sends the same but last two digits can change. For example M104 T0 S0*40
    T0 is excess data as i understand. I tried to send M104 S100 and it works.

  • Uh really ancient output of temperature. So refreshing short compared to what you now get:-)
    Contains no set temperature. So that should be taken from send value.

    *40 is checksum that changes since line number changes.
    T0 is to tell which extruder is meant. Can be ignored on single extruder systems.

    S0 is send temperature, so I think since it is 0 that you did not move the slider to a temperature to set. So it enable dit with current 0 temperature. Move slider first and then enable.
  • Thanks. My max extruder temperature drop down to 0 in printer config i don't know why. Maybe it was 0 all the time I have this printer.
    So i can't move this slider until max extruder temperature is not set.

  • Why did this happened? I have all repetier host settings as windows registry file. I used this file at the first time I installed repetier host. And I used it after this problem occurred just in case. This file has no Max extruder temperature setting. I don't set it manually.
    Maybe behavior for this setting of repetier host was changed?
  • The registry key maxExtruderTemp stores the maximum temperature and is present in my registry. So it is present here. Can't say what did get wrong in your case that it was missing.
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