From Raspberry Pi to Windows10

Good evening! I recently switched from running Repetier Server off a Raspberry Pi to a Windows10 computer to hopefully allow me use more printers then i was able to on the Pi.  However I have an issue that comes up pretty frequently where I get "pimples" all over my prints.  It happens enough that i've stopped using Repetier for awhile, but its now time for me to dive back into it and get it figured out.  
I know the "pimples" are not a gcode/slicer issue as I take the same gcode on an sdcard and it prints perfect.  If anyone could point me in the right direction i'd love to get my server back up and running.



  • If they go away with sd card print it is either that you have many communication errors - check out console or log for that - or you have many small segments that can not be send fast enough to keep printer speed. This is a problem if you try to be especially accurate and segments get therefrom very short. Make sure in connection settings ping-pong is disabled for fastest communication. Also make sure firmware uses line number in "ok" response to allow automatic error correction to keep that starting speed. Baud rate has a bit influence but due to usb->serial latency it is not as big as it sounds, e.g. double baud rate is not double speed..
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