Upload Firmware option

there is an Option to Upload Firmware. Is there any video or other info explaining this Option? I just wanted to know things like....
how do I prepare my files for uploading. 
What Arduino board should I I use in settings.
do I need to connect an Arduino between Repetier Server and my printer, etc.


  • No Video, sorry.

    You need the binary file that arduino compiles. That is the .hex file for 8 bit boards and .bin file for due based boards.

    There is no arduino in between printer and server. Fact is that most supported printers use an arduino or arduino based board inside, so it gets flashed like a normal arduino. If it is a 8 bit processor in your printer it is in 98% the Arduino Mega2560 you need to select. But we have no list which printer uses which board. That should be part of printer description and since you need to compile firmware your self you should know for which board you compiled it. If you download the updated firmware it would be good if the service also offers the information.
  • This gives me some information. My printer uses  the MKS Gen L v1.0 8 bit board. It is a Creality cr10 clone. It is the Tevo Tornado 2018 Gold edition printer.  Do you or any one know of any information on how to use the Arduino web interface. I have been searching and searching for such information. 
  • MKS Gen L is a Mega2560 compatible board based on RAMPS 1.4 layout. So Mega2560 is the driver to select for uploading or compiling firmware. But do not ask me for a firmware file, I don't have them for that printer.
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