retrieval of existing settings...

i have a Kossel mini pro. the firmware needs to be updated. i don't have any of the original data used to compile the firmware.
is there an easy way to retrieve all the original settings/data required to build a new version of the firmware?


  • No, not for all. If you have eeprom enabled the host can backup eeprom settings. But hard coded settings are not visible like board/thermistor type/...
  • Ah. well luckily they used a build on your firmware, so i have taken screen shots of that data. Not the best format to record the data. :( i cannot find the menu choice to use the host program to make a backup file. sure i am missing something simple. 
    if you have the steps, i would appreciate it.
    also since i will have to build and compile from scratch, is there anything else i should run (G-Code, M-Code?) and record the results before the board gets flashed and is gone forever? the original vendor has not been forthcoming with any data or parameters. (they say they are still "Tweaking Settings" and not to update the firmware. 
     well its a standard delta design, and doesn't have a heated bed at the moment.
    Its a standard atmega 2560 v1.0 board, with standard ramps etc.

    thermistor is probably the only thing i will have to experiment with to start. i will be adding a display etc after.
    i just wondered if you have any other advice, for people who are starting from scratch.
    i think the pid settings were bad anyway because this thing would make one good-(ish) print and then be all gummed up and clogged for the next one. i am tired of having to rebuild the hot-end after every print.

    in general i want to start from scratch, but i don't want to make it worse.

  • also i wish to backup all the different eprom sets, i think there are 4, 0 (factory default) and 1,2,3 (user defined) correct?
  • To copy eeprom data:
    - Connect with host
    - Open eeprom settings
    - Select export eeprom settings. That saves all data in a epr file and you can later use import eepsom settings to rewrite it.

    No special hints. Defaults are ok as a start except hardware parts must be set correctly. Thermistor is guessing if you have no data. EPCOS is the most commonly used one.

  • i am trying to follow these steps, but afetr i open RefHost, i get a window with the variables, but no option to export.
    do you have screenshots? i am using a mac if it matters. also the current firmware is repetier.

  • sorry for typos.
    after i Open Repetier Host
  • You need repetier-host for windows to do this. 
  • ah. good to know. TYVM
  • ok i have rebuilt the firmware, but am having motor control problems. i opened a new discussion to try to keep the topics easy to reference for others.
  • its titled motor control in Rep 9.32. any assistance would be appreciated

  • Hi @MShievitz I've been reading your posts here and I'm wondering if you used the EEPROM data to build the new firmware and still had the motor control issues and bed levelling issues that you've mentioned in other threads. Turns out, I'm facing a similar problem and the firmware is locked by the vendor. So I too have to build a firmware from scratch. I'm running Repetier 0.92.6. Do you have any tips for me?
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