i have installed a dual extruder and everything works fine but now i come to the point where i need to set the offset. if i put the offset in slic3r it works fine but there i have the problem that it doesnt place objects in the air. whit teh cura engine it does work but i cant change the offset in cura and if i put the offset in the eeprom it doesnt change annything. so what do i hacve to do?


  • Set offsets to 0 in host/slicers. The place where you should set offset is firmware. Then T0/T1 is all to apply the right offsets and you can adjust it any time without reslicing. All current firmwares support this firmware side by now I think.
  • i have set it all to 0 and put in the offset in repetier firmware. it doesnt change the print even if i put in a offset of 150mm it doesnt move a mm. if i type in the g-code t0 or t1 it only said extruder 0 or extruder 1 so that doesnt change annything either. 
  • Watch out for right units. Extruder offsets in eeprom are in steps so multiply distance with your steps per mm for x and y axis! If you just enter 150 that will in deed not move much.
  • but in firmweare it is mm and i chnged i there. schould i change it in eeprom?
  • If eeprom is initialized from configuration that is correct and gets converted to steps. But once eeprom was written you need to manually force it to update from config settings or change it in eeprom as that is what counts. Value sin eeprom are the one used.
  • if i change it there it changes the position on the printer but when i start the print there is no difference

  • Sounds like you have eeprom disabled? Without eeprom it initializes with values from Configuration.h.
  • but if i change z offset than it does work and probe offset to but extruder 1 and 2 x and y offset doesnt work
  • and if i auto bed level it with an ofset it goes beyond the bed and if i set it to 0 it levels correct so it does change something in the eeprom but in the print i cant see anny difference

  • You will only see a difference in multi color prints. Extruder xy offsets also work but you need to have homed xy before or it will not move on switch.
    Regarding probe offset if it is wrong it will still probe but assign result to wrong position, that's all and will still work. Before starting probing just go to bed center and start from there then activation is possible. You still of course need coordinates reachable with activated offset.
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