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I have setup a 3d cartesian 3d printer with DUAL_X_AXIS configuration based on Arduino DUE, RADDS and RepRap Discount Graphic  Display with 1.0dev firmware version

Is there a main reference guide tu setup various define on configuration.h ?
I have see variou discussion on this forum but I have some issue on X2 axis (i have setup correctly X, Y and Z Axis) :
1.  Is there a way to be able to move X2 from a graphic controller  in Move Menu ?
2.  how to set and connect  END_STOP_PIN  for X2  ( on RADDS)   ?
3.  In addition to Cura there are other slicing software to manage this type of 3D printer ?

Thanks a Lot



  • there is no guide but i suggest you use the new dual x mode. there is a brief explanation in the sample configuration.h

    1. dunno, but i guess you have to switch to extruder 2 and then just move X
    2. you connect it to x_max pin. assuming radds has x_max (dunno)
    3. no. just use cura when you want to use both extruders. look up the cura forums for my postprocessing script to optimize the gcode for idex printers. you'll have to use a prime tower btw.
  • 1. select right extruder and that one will move. Except if lazy motion mode prevents move (which it does until first extrusion move).
    2. x max endstop will be used for x2. Which pin you assign the end stop is up to you but x max is a good choice.
    3. All slicers supporting dual extruders work. Slicer does not know how firmware solves the multiple extruder problem. It just expects T0/T1 to work. All you might do is switch prime strategy. You can omit prime tower and just extrude a bit before moving away from park position. Normally you can set that in extruder change script of slicer.
  • Thanks a lot

    1. ok,  I used the x max endstop on RADDS for X2 homing and now I can Homing all axis in correct mode (like in the useful video of Braccoz.
    2.  If I Select extr 2 on graphic controller, I can move with Move Menu Move X  the X2 Extruder (fast and slow)
    3.  ok for cura and other slicer

    I will proceed with further tests, thanks again

  • @sennalb and/or @Braccoz ;
    I am also in the process of building IDEX. Could one of you please share the link to "useful video of Braccoz"


  • it's this one


    i made it to explain the difference in my implementation before it got merged
  • @Braccoz
    Thanks a lot!! Your link helped me to find the thread where it was initially posted. That thread contains lots of valuable information about firmware behavior in DUAL X mode.

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