Unwanted Travel

The machine I am using cannot ever use it's travel function. Moving without extrusion is not an option for this scenario. How can I disable travel so that the machine only takes the path that the model provides? For example, if I am creating a 3d face on my machine, while it works on the nose, then goes to a different layer, it cuts right through the middle of the face to start the new layer. I am only printing the perimeter and cannot have anything on the inside. Think of it as building a wall. How can I never cross through the middle? Another example in case I am not making any sense. We are making a cylinder so we go around and around and around never going in the middle. Then it cuts across making a bridge, I cannot have this. Is there a way I can get rid of the issue. I only want blue lines, not green, in a simple way. Thanks in advance.



  • No travel moves is not possible, you always need to go to a starting point.

    If you have models that can be printed with only one perimeter over full height, slicers have a vase mode for this. They will increase z slowly so you get a spiral like print until the top. Set bottom infill also to 0 layer or it will add a infill for the bottom. That is the only mode which comes near what you want to have.
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