Rendering problems: missing chunks of filament in 3D preview


since a few versions of Repetier Host I experience some rendering issues which cause chunks of filament not beeing rendered. I double checked: it is though actually printed and other gcode viewers render it quite fine. I can't remember when this issue came up.

I'm using Repetier Host V2.1.3 on Windows with an NVIDIA Quadro P1000 Graphics card.

Is this a known issue?


  • Yes, looks the issue we know. Happens with relative extrusion under some conditions causing host to think there is no extrusion. It will not affect the print, so nothing to worry.
  • Uhm relative extrusions? You mean relative E distances? But my Slic3er is set up to not use "relative E distances".
  • It's been a while ago I fixed it so not 100% sure with relative or absolute. 

    There are also cases where this comes form slicer with intention. Knowing they leak from pressure they stop extruding. If you enable travel moves you then should see a line there. But since it looks like a regular system and not all layers have the gap I assume it is the bug.
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