Userinterface questions

Hi @all,
 I have a few Questions.

1) Is it normal that i have to click into the Repetier-Host window to focus it so i can use the controls of the host software?
    I always have to click twice, onec to activate the window and once to actualy click a button(only if i come from another window like my browser)

2) Is there a way to bind buttons to hot keys?
    I would like to have the skripts and manual movement commands on my keyboard for fast and easy use instead of fiddeling around with the mouse.

3) Is it possible to have more then 5 skripts?

4) Is there a way to display the names of the skripts directly insead of having to read them from the tooltip? 
    It seems a little impractical to call them 1,2,3,4,5 instead of using the defined name.

5) Can i adjust the code for the Repetier Host myself?


  • 1) Yes, that is default behaviour of winform apps.
    2) No, only shortkeys defined by default work. However the 5 scripts you can define have hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+ 1-5
    3) Not in host. Repetier-Server can have any number.
    4) No
    5) No it is closed source code.
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