version 1.0.4dev

I have delta with version 1.0.3dev

1. What is new in version 1.0.4dev, I cant find changle log for version 1.0.4dev ?
2: Is it OK to download version 1.0.4dev and just replace configuration.h with one 
from version 1.0.3 dev
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  • In config tool you can upload old config and download new. If you have not used config tool you need to compare options.

    Interesting new functions are emergency parser and host rescue system to continue printer over repetier-server in case of power failure/disconnection. Contains also many smaller fixes and improved advance, also with bowden advance is not really useful.
  • Hi,
    I am using the latest Repetier Firmware 1.0.4dev and Repetier Server 0.93.0 running on a Raspberry Pi.  During a long print the printer stopped printing.  When I investigated, the printer looked fine and temps were being maintained, however I couldn't connect to Repetier Server anymore, and without a local display on my Pi, I can only assume the Pi froze.  In this situation can the rescue system recover the print when I reboot the Pi?  Also what does the emergency parser do?
  • Rescue system might help if it was enabled. It logs until where it succeeded in printing. If you also had it enabled in firmware with park position it will be even better. Firmware will also remember last printed move and go out of print area to park position to save the print. After restart of server it will tell server where it stopped so server can normally continue exactly at that position.
    You can see if pi still runs by logging in with ssh on console. Or starting remote desktop on the pi.

    Emergency parser allows out of order execution of some special commands like emergency stop or M108 to abort blocking heating. Normally command are queued in send order and only executed when it is their turn. That way they get executed faster or are the only way to make sense.
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