Add pushbutton to start specific program on SD card


Is it possible to wire a pushbutton to the RAMPS1.4 and then start a specific program from the SD card?
Maybe there is a code for defining a program name which can be activated by an input.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Not directly possible.
    You ca write a UI_ACTION in ui.cpp to start the sd print and configure a button to call that if you already use a lcd display. If not you can also use our custom events e.g. 100ms timer to check for button press and start print. It's just a small extra code you have to provide. 
  • Hello,

    Thanks for the idea.
    For now I solved it in the Gcode.

    I used the commands below in my Gcode to:
    - Wait on an input
    - Set the SD file to byte 0
    - Start the SD file

    M226 P1 S1
    M26 S0

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