PRO upgrade

Attempt to register upgrade license key fails with message "Invalid response from server".


  • Any help with this problem will be appreciated.

  • Did you buy a upgrade license instead of the full pro version? You can send us the license number if unsure and we can send you a link to buy the required OEM to convert it in a pro if that is the case. Please do not publish license here!
  • The license is described as "Repetier-Server Upgrade (OEM to Pro)"; so it would seem that your thoughts are probably correct. When I go into the Register screen it states that I'm on a Pro version trial; and can "upgrade at any time" !! so is this a different issue to the one you suggest? 
  • Yes the triel just means you have no license but can use all pro features. You need a OEM license installed first than you can convert the cheaper OEM in a full pro. I send you the link in a PM.
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    I have exactly the same problem.
    I think I bought the wrong version (uprgade OEM to Pro). 
    What can I do now?

  • Please check your messages her ein forum. I send you a solution.
  • wow this just happened to me too , i just spend $50 i actually couldn't afford 
    does this mean i have to spend even more ?? jeezzz :( :(  
  • i would really been ok with an oem license because all i wanted was the webcam feature , and i only need 1 installation on my raspberry pi

  • OEM is only for manufactors. But if you think you bought the wrong license please mail me the license and I can give you the same solution so you upgrade.
  • I have the Same Problem :(
  • Hello, i have an issue with licence upgrade. Same problem as arthur.
    Please help me to validate this.
  • SAME licence problem please help
  • I have the same problem. what can I do?
  • Please check your messages for solution.
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     Can you please send to me also?
  • I have the same problem. Can you help me as well?
  • See you message box.
  • I have the same problem, please help.
  • Please send a mail with your license key to with the problem description and you get a solution offered.
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