Need to Use E2 Heater

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First off, I have an XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 (new board, serial number begins with 3F10A) and I am using Repetier .92 on it.

I believe I may have fried (somewhere on the board) the heater for my extruder (labeled "E Heater" on the board)
I think this because whenever I get the printer to start heating up the extruder, no voltage is applied to these pins at all. I can get it to heat up by connecting 12 volts directly to the cable attached to it, as that's how it's supposed to heat up anyways. And I can confirm that the temperature displayed on the LCD screen does increase so it can tell the temperature when I get it to increase.

My hopes were to be able to modify the current Repetier firmware code I am using to make the printer heat up the pins to the right of the damaged ones (labeled "E2 Heater"), these are the pins that would be used to heat up a second extruder.

I was wondering, if anyone could point me to what file this would be in for the firmware that I would change? I'm thinking all I really need to do is change the port number for the extruder heater to the port that would be used for the second one?


  • It is quite easy if you now the pin number.


    sets the pin to be used for first extruder. Replace HEATER_0_PIN by pin number you want.

    BTW: What board did you use for firmware. I have no Davinci board in pins.h.
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