Bed levelling

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Goodmorning everyone. I installed a bltouch for bed levelling. with the first manual tests everything moves correctly. But now I was looking for a manual on the internet with the procedures to carry out the bed levelling ... with google I did not find much ... or rather ... many pages but with nothing clear. can anyone suggest a link with the bed-lifting procedure?


  • I set the homing on the end stop z max, but how do I now adjust the height to adjust the zero? do I use offsets?
  • With z max homing you adjust distance by changing z length. Make sure after homing to z max it goes back a bit so it does not touch end stop while you move left/right at z max even with correction on.

    You set the 3 points according to the selected leveling method in configuration (there is a picture for it). Make sure they are with active offset of z probe reachable. Go to bed center with z = z rpobe bed distance and run G32 S2. It will measure and store result in eeprom. From there on correction is active. It will also measure distance to z max to adjust z length. If it does not match afterwards the z probe height was wrong. Correct it by what you needed to change z length for a good print.
  • when I launch this command the Z goes to -303.9 .... is it normal?
  • Yes, it just want to be sure to hit the bed, so it moves 1.5*z length down.
  • i think there's something wrong

    < 15:06:18: plane: a = 0.0004 b = 0.0007 c = 2.8911
    < 15:06:18: Transformation matrix: 1.000000 0.000000 -0.000383 -0.000000 1.000000 -0.000681 0.000383 0.000681 1.000000
    < 15:06:18: Printer height:158.65
    < 15:06:18: CurrentZ:2.89 atZ:2.60
    < 15:06:18: Info:Autoleveling enabled
    < 15:06:21: G33 X24.00 Y24.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X24.00 Y55.50 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X24.00 Y87.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X24.00 Y118.50 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X24.00 Y150.00 Z-0.030
    < 15:06:21: G33 X55.50 Y24.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X55.50 Y55.50 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X55.50 Y87.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X55.50 Y118.50 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X55.50 Y150.00 Z-0.027
    < 15:06:21: G33 X87.00 Y24.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X87.00 Y55.50 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X87.00 Y87.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X87.00 Y118.50 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X87.00 Y150.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X118.50 Y24.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X118.50 Y55.50 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X118.50 Y87.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X118.50 Y118.50 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X118.50 Y150.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X150.00 Y24.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X150.00 Y55.50 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X150.00 Y87.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X150.00 Y118.50 Z-0.003
    < 15:06:21: G33 X150.00 Y150.00 Z-0.003
    < 15:07:12: Z correction disabled

    why is the height of z always 0.003?
    but it already correct?

    this is my G33 L0 after calibration ... where am i wrong?
  • Normally I expect it to swing around 0 if done after G32 S2. Now your G32 result says bed was already quite square just 0,1mm height error at maximum and that gets corrected by correction. So a perfect plane bed should get all 0 values. You should have a closer look at the output when running G33 and see if Z measured differs or not. If it in deed always measures same values the result would be correct and you just have a plane bed and could G33 omit completely.
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