Delta G131 Problem


i just have a short question on a problem i have with the G131 command.

I removed Tower endstop  Offsets in the eeprom and saved it.

I now home the printer and go on Z 400 caus i have no longer rod to measure endstop Offsets with M99 x0 etc.

So it Looks like this


G0 Z400


after the G131 the Extruder moves about 2.5mm to the left (-x direction)


Cause i have set the Offsets in fw eeprom to 0 manually before

The extruder should'nt move or not?

I have only one extruder and no other Offsets set in the fw eeprom settings.

thank you very much


  • Yes, it should only unset the extruder offset which is stored in eeprom. See implementation here:

        case 131: { // G131 Remove offset
            float cx, cy, cz;
            Printer::realPosition(cx, cy, cz);
            float oldfeedrate = Printer::feedrate;
            Printer::offsetX = 0;
            Printer::offsetY = 0;
            Printer::moveToReal(cx, cy, cz, IGNORE_COORDINATE, Printer::homingFeedrate[X_AXIS]);
            Printer::feedrate = oldfeedrate;

    so recheck eeprom if you found the right offset.
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