RequestPause:Homing failed!

In manual control when i push home key repetier give me the nessage in the title


  • Them firmware is not set up correctly.
  • in which part ??????
  • I guess the homing related part / endstops. 
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    Includo il testo in italiano e quello tradtto in inglese da Google.
    Ho preso il file configuration.h di una versione precedente fatta con 092,2 e 092,3 caricato con la nuova versione.
    Così ho scaricato e ho completamente assemblato e caricato su Arduino .
    Ora mente il programma generato dalla versione 092,2 non ha generato il problema " Homing non riuscita" , il programma generato versione 092,3 me fa .

     include the text in Italian and translated into English by Google .
    I took the file configuration.h an earlier version made ​​with 092.2 and 092.3 loaded in the new version .
    So I downloaded and I fully assembled and loaded on Arduino .
    Now mind the program generated by the 092.2 version has not created the problem " Homing Failed" , the program generated version 092.3 me it

  • Al calibrar con g132 s1 hace un homming incompleto y salta una pausa siempre.

    Esto hace unos dias no sucedia y si vuelvo a versiones anteriores funciona correctamente,los cambios en mis versiones son diferencias de un minimo cambio de distancia del z probe o de velocidad del z probe sucede.

    When calibrating with G132 S1 makes an incomplete homming and jumps pause always.

    This was not the case a few days ago and if I return to earlier works correctly, changes in my versions are differences of a minimum distance z change speed probe or probe z happens.

    Tower 1:0
    Tower 3:65
    RequestPause:Homing failed!

  • En efecto con el archivo configuration.h nuevo y el resto del firmware nuevo no sucede el error.
    Tambien es estos dias he cambiado el host del 1.0.6 al 1.5.x actual.

    Trabajo con una kossel y la ramps.

    With the new configuration.h file and the rest of the new firmware does not happen this error.

    It is also these days I changed the host of the current 1.5.x 1.0.6.

    Working with a Kossel and ramps.
  • I recently also got the error and found a solution, so current 0.92.4 has a fix for the wrong error message. Reason was that it tests after a move stops if all endstops are hit or not. Since these are not reached the same time signals could swap meanwhile if signal was on the edge causing the homing error.
  • Got this problem from nowhere! just came for no reason?.... im running 0.92.8 version?
  • Same problem like you ,i resolved it  !!
    When homing my delta go up but i must change direction in configuration.h

    i change :

    #define X_HOME_DIR -1
    #define Y_HOME_DIR -1
    #define Z_HOME_DIR -1


    #define X_HOME_DIR 1
    #define Y_HOME_DIR 1
    #define Z_HOME_DIR 1
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