New host-specific command @skip

I'd like to request a feature to introduce a new Repetier-Host specific command named "@skip". This would skip the next upcoming line of G-Code when running through Repetier-Host to allow a sort of conditional G-Code, for distinguishing running through Repetier-Host or from SD.

It would allow generating your G-Code like this:
M117 My Message
M0 ; Prompt LCD button (Marlin)
;@pause My Message
When running on from SD, this would run the M117 and M0, but when running from Repetier-Host, it would skip those and run the @pause instead! This way you have a single generated G-Code which supports either use case.

Another example is this:
M300 S300 P1000
When running from SD this would beep the LCD, when running from Repetier-Host it will not beep and instead play the sound defined in Repetier-Host.

I'd love to see a command like the above. Let me know what you think. Also let me know if something like this is already possible in a different way.

Note: it could also take a parameter (@skip 2 which would skip the next 2 G-Code commands), but that's completely optional and might make it more confusing.


  • Also I think only a very small minority would use it, it is a interesting idea to get conditionals. I would make it with number with no number taking default 1. Would only work for printed gcode. We distinguish between manual injections and the real print so that should easy to implement.
  • Thank you for considering this! I know it's a rather "specific" feature, but perhaps the flexibility it gives will give other people some ideas / use cases.

    Gor me, it would be mainly for "unifying" the G-Code for SD and Repetier-Host. This way you can use your slicer (or e.g. Fusion 360 CAM post processor) to generate "universal" G-Code, without having to think about whether you're going to run the job from SD or through Repetier-Host.
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