Random missing lines when using slic3r prusa after updating Repetier Host and Slic3r

Repetier Host and Slic3r Prusa edition has been my preferred combo for slicing models for awhile, but i recently updated both to the latest versions and I am getting a weird bug where it is randomly leaving out lines of infill, perimeters, etc throughout.  If i slice the models directly in slic3r then there seem to be no issues.  Has anyone else had this issue?  ..using Repetier Host V2.1.3 and Slic3r Prusa v1.40.1


  • I think you can ignore it. There are some known visual problems when parsing some gcodes. They should be fixed in next release. They are just not not rendered but will still get printed.
  • No, it actually prints like it previews.  Interestingly, if i open gcode made separately by slic3r later in repetier it also shows the same sections missing even though they printed ok.  Seems to be removing lines of code. Maybe having trouble reading certain spots?  I thought it was random, but it is always the same spots if you slice the same model and there does seem to be a pattern to it. Also, identical layers are missing the same sections.  

  • Can you provide a gcode with screenshot of a layer with the error. I can then compare it with our development version where I have fixed visualization. 
    I do not really think it does not read the correct file contents. So i must be in the gcode.
  • Here are a few images of some typical layers in this part.  nearly every layer has something missing.  Identical layers are missing the same sections. This is how it prints. 

    I am unable to attach the gcode files to this post for some reason.

    Had one print where it took out the end code so that the hot end did not get moved out of the way and the heaters all stayed on.  - I may still have that file if I can find it.

  • Yes, looks like the error I fixed for next release but missing lines would of course also look like that.

    You can not attach files here, you can use dropbox/google drive to add downloadable files.
  • Hello,

    I've exactly the same problem here with Repetitier V2.1.3 and Slic3r PE 1.41.
    Missing lines on infill... No problem when viewing directly on Slic3r PE.

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