Invert PID for cooling


I'm fairly new to to 3D Printing and don't have much knowledge about coding. 
What I'm looking for is a way to invert the PID for the heated bed (which I don't need) to use this connector for cooling. 
What I found is this 


but absolutely don't know where to put it (didn't find it anywhere either).

Can anyone help me and tell me how to do it? Or got other ideas how to do it? 

Would be so grateful. 


  • What do you want to cool and with which device? We have already 3 cooler solutions for fans - extruder cooler, filament fan and temperature controlled fan. The last might also be used for many purposes like board cooling.
  • In the end I want to cool the whole build chamber using Peltier cells. But I need the air temperature to be fairly constant.
  • So while everyone wants a heated chamber, you want to do the opposite:-)

    Main problem is that heaters and heater logic is just that - it expects power to increase temperature and disable power to lower temperature, so that will not really work. So the best solution would be to use the 100ms timer event we provide and add your cooling logic in that function. On github we have some sample event systems if you need to know how to do that.
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