Single point probing, to set Z before printing.

Single point probing, to set Z before printing.

I have a Cartesian printer with XY carriage on top and Z-bed that drops below carriage. Home is XY to left rear and bed just below nozzle.

I have a Zmin end stop and an induction probe using Zmax pin.

My bed is flat throughout with .008mm accurate with no sag or deviations.

I do not use auto leveling. I do have Z-probe turned on, and use it to manually calculate and adjust 3 screws to level, and I set Z height, with Zmin end stop.

I use custom bed coating, to adjust and fine tune first layer.

What I would like to do, is set a final Z0 with a single probe point in the middle of the bed, prior to printing using start script in S3D.

This will help take into consideration for temperature differences, from day to day temperature changes.

G1 Z10 X100 Y100
Here is where I don't know what to set.
It must include and adjust for bed coating.
G30? Or
Is there some other way to do this?


  • - G30 H<height> R<offset> Make probe define new Z and z offset (R) at trigger point assuming z-probe measured an object of H height.

    is what you want. If z probe is calibrated H would be 0 and you want that height to be Z=0 so R0. But please test it first with caution.

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