CoreXY with Cartesien DIR and STEP output

Hi I am trying to new extruder modüle and I need only X and Y step signal and direction signal for cartesian systems. but my printer build corexy.. 

so I need to change some code for this. 
my repetier firmware must work corexy .. as same time I need x axis step, direction signal from E1 step and direction pins.. 
what I must to do .. 
who can help me about it.. 
what I must to do .. but I know its not enought to take directly take from X or Y motor step output .. 


  • You canslect ine of the corexy drive systems instead of cartesian in config tool. Then x and y are combined to work as corexy.
  • ok, x and y can work as corexy, as same can I use E1 like cartesien x.. I mean and I need x and y as corexy, e1 like cartesien X .. 
  • What has e1 to do with x axis? Please explain because i do not understand hüwhat you mean.
  • I need count step signal to x axis .. and direction pulse .. so I need only x axis signal .. when I am using corexy there are not x axis signal because its moving with combination of x and y stepper turn.. if I am using normal cartesien system .. I can take cable from x stepper step and dir pins and I can count it with another logic circuit.. but when I am using corexy .. I can not take it directly from x stepper.. so I wanna take x axis step signal .. there are emtly pin on e1 step driver socket on ramps .. so I need a code to take only x axis step and dir like cartesien when corexy moving .. 

  • Ok, do not understand why but we do not have such a signal. Can‘t you just use the position instead?
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    sounds like building a "live" digital readout to see actual position and not the last in buffer, might be interesting for cnc applications .
    why not using the given step/dir pulses from x and y motors and a little maths to calculate
    the corexy move to cartesian x an y?
  • I write a little bit macro ,its working now. buffering last direction and send pulse by every x axis moving. now its working. thanks alot.
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