CoreXY laser slow short moves

I've got my coreXY setup with a laser, works fairly well. Except with a laser its fairly important that your movement is at a consistent speed. What is happening is when there are many short moves like a circle, even if F1000 its moving probably closer to F200, really causes issue with a laser. This could be because my Gcode has many small moves, I've tried cranking up the acceleration to 3000, making sure max speeds are high enough, max jerk is 100, even set move cache to 0, still slows down when printing many small segments. I have a feeling it has something to do with LOW_TICKS_PER_MOVE

M3 S51.00
G1 X27.60 Y46.39 F2000
G1 X27.62 Y46.39
G1 X27.63 Y46.40
G1 X27.65 Y46.41
G1 X27.66 Y46.42
G1 X27.67 Y46.43
G1 X27.68 Y46.45
G1 X27.69 Y46.46
G1 X27.70 Y46.48


  • I guess you are right. These moves are really tiny and then communication speed becomes a factor. If buffer runs out of moves it tries to slow down to LOW_TICKS_PER_MOVE until buffer gets full again. If buffer gets empty the pause will even be higher.

    Since com speed is limited the only solution would be to have it reduce intensity in that cases (which is not implemented) or disable the slowdown and just live with the pauses. With FDM pauses are bad, not sure how bad it would be for lasers.
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