core xy moving strange on axes

i just build a ed printer core xy
I try setup my firmware with repetier config tool
very strange is after some testing  i was shocked by this:
when I move printer on x positiv - is moving normaly
when I move back on x axe the head is mooving on x and y (theory say must turn in the same position like before)
the same think is happend on y
I cannot explain more
i used config tool 1.02 on website


  • Check endstops are not triggered with M119 also make sure you have selected the right core xy system.
  • no
    with old arduino software like that from raspberry pi (i think is 1.6) compiled is working correctly 
    if i compile with new one 1.85 is happend this
    also i can not compile new version of repetier 1.02 on raspberry pi because of fat file problem and if i compile with new arduino 1.8 which not have this problem with fat file then obtain this movement 
    if move x+ then is moving on x
    if i move x- then is moving on x and y
    the same on y
    moving y+ is moving on y
    moving y- is moving y+x
  • Yes, 1.0.2 requires in deed 1.8.x as it handles subdirectories different to older versions.

    You did not provide the endstop results for 1.8.x
    Moving x and y means one motor moves one not and that can be from endstops. Maybe config for 1.8.x is not correct with respect to endstops.
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