Z jerk too low?

I have just upgraded my firmware from 0.92 to 1.X (not dev version, the 1.0 available in the download page)
I didnt used the online configuration tool. I just downloaded the hole package, and copied all my settings from 0.92 to the new configuration.h file.
Compiled and uploaded new firmware. Seems ok, but in serial monitor, I can see this message: Z jerk too low, setting to 0.87
My z-jerk is set to 0.3 why is this being set to 0.87?????


  • check your setting stored in eeprom.
    to update eeprom from config settings
  • Check what?  My config is a copy of my 0.92 version.... zjerk is set in configuration.h to 0.3 (default)... this message appears every time the printer is turned on
  • This is a mathematical problem from explicit integration used. The minimum z jerk to compute first step with acceptable error is computed depending on acceleration. Was already done in older versions but without the message. You can ignore this as it is set internally correct anyway.
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