Filament Spool Manager

I just started using the Repetier Server today, and so far I'm loving it. Will be giving the trial a good run over the weekend and decide if it is worth the 60 euros. But i have one suggestion for it that would make my life easier. I have multiple reels of filament, sometimes of the same colour, becuase I start a new one if I think the current one doesn't have enough for the print. Nothing like running out, while you're sleeping, on a 10+ hour print. What would be my idea, when a print job is started, the user would be asked which reel is being used. Better yet, on the filament load/unload page, that info could be entered. If the database thinks there is not enough filament left, it warns the user. Could even have it pause when it get near a set amount left.

Just my idea to make, what looks like a great piece of software, better.



  • Yes, w ealso think in that direction. Just need to come up with an elegant solution that also works for power users having multiple printers on several servers. Spools can be used accross them so a cross server solution like the coming cloud server is required.
  • So multiple computers, running multiple installations of Repetier Server? Could they all be controlled from one web interface? That would be great for printer farms.
  • Yes, that is the idea behind it. That is what next update is about and why it takes so long:-) But it will start without spool management as I still need to find a solution for it.
  • That sounds great and completely understands the delay.
    I could see how having multiple spools shared between machines could be a problem. Almost need a central server on the internet or one computer designated as a server on the local network.
  • Exactly, on the other hand if you do not want to connect to cloud you might still want to have a manager.
  • Hello, how does it look like with implementation of the filemant manager?
    What really holds me with Octoprint is currently this functionality.
    Any set plan if/when will be introduced?
  • No time plan for this. How does Octoprint handle it - does it support multiple printers? I mean you cal also have multiple octoprint instances and switch spools between them. I assume they have some plugin you use for this. Would be interesting to see different implementations of the problem.
  • Yes, it is in form of plugin and it uses postgresql. In basic setting - user friendly - it works only for one instance.
    It also have multiple instances possibility, but you need to set external postgresql database and connect all octoprints to it.
    Setting external functional postgresql is however not piece of cake and I was not able to make it work.
    But having at least the basics is really great.
  • Ok, setting up a database is nothing I'd like to do. It just takes too much resources on a pi. But we have a sqlite database build in, so database function is no problem. I'd make one instance the server that needs to run all the time. Or uses says it once one per instance and can not swap between printer. Would be his decision. When I get to it I will check the plugin to get some inspiration.
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